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Set a password. I agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. You must agree to Sign Up. Free Android keylogger functions. Call Data and Call Recording This android keylogger keeps a detailed log and records all conversations, allowing you to find out everything from contact name to the duration of the call. Location Free Android Keylogger allows you to constantly track the location of the android device on which it was installed. Stealth Even if your device is unrooted, Free Android Keylogger will remain completely invisible, unless the user knows exactly what to look for.

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All features. For parents Some parents are hesitant about giving mobile phones to their kids. For Employers Employers will also benefit greatly from using Hoverwatch app created by Hoverwatch. You need to have physical access to the device.

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  • Download the link available on the website. Install the application and then activate the account. KidLogger is a spying application specifically aimed at monitoring the online activity of kids. The keylogging feature is only available for Android OS.

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    • Since KidLogger is a parental control, it has limited functionality and features. Features such as call recording and access to multimedia files are not available. The application allows parents to set screen time on the device that they deem appropriate. The installation process is fairly easy. You have to download the file available on the website. The installation guide provides details regarding the installation of the parental control application.

      Hoverwatch provides tracking on up to five devices with its premium edition. Hoverwatch allows users to monitor all calls, text messages and multimedia files on the monitored device. Furthermore, you can also view contacts and take screenshots.

      ‚ÄčTop 10 Best Keylogger Apps Android (Invisible and No Root)

      However, the application has limitations and does not allow you to remotely control the device. To install Hoverwatch on the monitored device, first, create an account on Hoverwatch. Open up the browser on the target device to download the link to the file. Install the application and choose to either hide the Hoverwatch icon or have it displayed. Enter login details to start monitoring the phone. If you are a parent or an employee, it is understandable why you would want to use a keylogger to monitor activity.

      However, a keylogger is often used by hackers whose sole aim to steal passwords and confidential information. In such cases, a keylogging feature can be dangerous.

      12 Best Free Keylogger Apps in 2018 (No Root & Jailbreak, Hidden)

      Therefore, you should be aware of the negative consequences of using a keylogger. Also, note that installing a spying application on a device that does not belong to you is illegal. So, unless you are a concerned parent, employee or partner, you should avoid installing a monitoring application for spying on other people. Some of the applications discussed above can monitor passwords, credit and debit card information using keylogger.

      Unless, you mean to use a spying application for useful purposes, owning this data can lead you into trouble. Before installing a cell phone monitoring application, make sure that the application is compatible with the device on which you want to install the software. Every software application is not compatible with all the devices. So before you purchase a subscription package, you should first go through the compatibility page to ascertain that your device is compatible.

      Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Top 10 Keyloggers for Android []. Here is our top 10 Android Keyloggers list for the year : 1. Xnspy Giving Xnspy the number one spot on our list was easy. Installation The website of the application does not give details regarding the installation procedure of the app on a smartphone.

      1. Spyera (Recommended)

      Installation A physical access to the device is required to install the application. There are a couple of instances when installing a remote keylogger for Android on someone's phone is legal. One of them is when you want to protect your underage kids by monitoring who they contact with on their cell phones and the other is for monitoring the cell phones of your employees. That is if you supply your workers with phones and you tell them that you will monitor them. In both of those situations, you are monitoring phones of protective purposes. There is no harm to anyone if you want to see what your kids are up to or to monitor whether your employees are doing their job at their workplace.

      Part 1: What Makes The Best Keylogger?

      Nowadays almost all children have phones and demand to have cell phones even at the earliest age. If they want a phone you can give it to them, but it is always better to keep them safe while they have their phones. There are many concerns today such as cyber-bullying, online predators that go after minors, phone addiction, and sexting are some problems that many parents face worldwide.

      With NEXSPY your worries will be gone because you will always know where what and who your children are communicating with through their phones. Regarding employee monitoring, you will have great power in your hands if you install the app on work cell phones. NEXSPY is a non-intrusive and very reliable program that will give you valuable information about where your employees are during work time and what are they doing.

      Consider the reasons mentioned above and get this powerful software for your needs. By purchasing you agree to our Terms of Use and Refund Policy. You'll need access to the device and you've read the Device Requirements. Undetectable Keylogger for Android. Best Keylogger for Android.

      10 Best Android Keylogger - 12222

      T here is also money-back guarantee, so if you do not find the app useful you can always get your invested money back. Related reads:. Parental Control. Employee Monitoring. SMS Tracking. GPS Tracker.